Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More FO's...

A few weeks ago I mentioned that our local Fiber Guild was decorating a tree at the Barrow Civic Center with hand knitted hats, mittens and scarfs to be given to Community Services for children in the area. Here is my finished set to give. This was my first attempt at knitting mittens and I did not have a real good pattern or know what size the child's hands or head would be. The pattern called for a tracing of the child's hands as a guide. So this was my best guestimation. I think they turned out well and I did have fun doing them!

The one thing I would change when I do another pair of mittens is the decreasing at the end of the hand. I think I would do a kitchener stitch to make them more rounded instead of so pointy.

I was out and about with a friend and we stopped at a little shop that had the most beautiful Christmas decorations that really made you want to go home, tidy your house and decorate for Christmas right then! Lots of wonderful ideas and nostalgic decorations, however I did restrain myself...right up until I saw this little guy who I swear called my name and told me he would like to sit on my mantle all winter long! Isn't he cute?!

If I remember to take my camera tonight to the tree decorating, I will post additional pictures of our Tuesday night knitting group and lots of FO's!


  1. Nice job on the knitting, but I agree about the ends of the mittens, should be rounder. And interesting snowman! Looks like he's praising God!!!

  2. That is a very sharp looking set of hat mittens and scarf. The tree idea is neat. I'd love to see pictures.

  3. Someone is going to be very happy with this hand-made gift, a gift of the heart I am sure!

  4. Oh I think the mitten hat and scarf set is great. Love the little snow man!