Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Pictures Of My Day

...At least the moments that I choose to dwell on!
First some yarn dyed with Queen Anne's Lace.

Flowers in a neighbors garden. Who says red, pink and purple don't go together?

Click on this one to really get the full effect! The flowers are gorgeous!

A single sunflower in all it's glory.

Zuchinni fresh from the garden.

And a Summer's night moon enjoyed from the front porch along with evening breezes. It almost looks like an eye looking back at us.

With an evening like this, it's off to sweet dream land for me. Have a good night, all!


  1. MMM.....pretty yarn, beautiful flowers, sweet looking zucchini, and a glorious night sky! What a blessing for the day!

  2. Lovely photos! I'm allergic to QA Lace... wonder if I'd be allergic to yarn dyed accordingly? Of course, I insist I have no interest in dyeing, so I'm merely rambling... I should go get a cup of coffee before I read/comment on more blogs!

  3. Lovely colours in your pics - the flowers were amazing.

  4. Those are gorgeous flowers and that really does look like an eye!

  5. What a neat idea to dye your yarn with the flowers from your garden. I would never have guessed Q & A would turn out like that.