Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Natural Stress Reliever...

A remnant from a by-gone era of when the trains were a common sight and sound through the hills and valleys in our area. Someone took this abandoned rail car and converted it to a cabin, although it must have been a while ago.

Now the old railway is part of the bike trail. Hubby and I decided that we were going to bike away the stress from our day. We loaded up the bikes, packed a snack of a couple of fresh"white" peaches and water, and away we went.

It was peaceful, quiet, the scents of the wild flowers and woods along the trail was wonderful. The river that runs along side was high and muddy but when we reached where Sandy Creek joins the river we stood on the bridge and watched large snapping turtles swim by, ducks, all kinds of fish, including one super huge catfish, and all kinds of birds.

I'm glad we were able to get out this evening as it already looks (despite the high temps this week) that summer is slipping away. Some of the leaves are already turning, blackberries are ripe for picking, and the sent of fall was in the air.

It was a wonderful evening ride and I recommend it to anyone. I'll bet we'll sleep tonight!


  1. Sounds perfect Tina and didn't that old carriage look cool!
    We also have cycle tracks in Scotland that were once railway tracks - great because they tend to be fairly level!
    In answer to your questions the Loch is in fact fresh water and no Bailey did not share her sandwich with any of us!
    Martha just looked on bemused - she would never be so brave!
    Love to Honey Dew and Sampson xxx

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    We've also been doing more cycling and have an old railway line route beside us. In fact, I've just ordered another carrier for my bike so that I'll be able to take two paps along as well as Jana. I don't suppose Honey Dew and Sampson would fit in to them! You could always get a trailer though, that way they could go too.