Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dogs on Thursday Post-Dusk Walk

Yes dusk walk, not duck walk, although when you are behind the pups and watch the basset waddle, if their tale was a little shorter....'nuff said ;-)

Seriously in the dog days of summer the hounds favorite time to walk is right before dark, still warm but not so blistering hot for them in their fur coats. And it's not all about the heat, no sirree! Right before dark is the best time to hunt!

Rabbits you say? No they leave that up to our cousin Miss MaggieMae! HoneyDew and Sampson our bonafide specialists in the cricket hunting arena! It is one of the funniest thing to watch. They will be walking along the road and suddenly the ears go forward and the pups bounce and pounce. HoneyDew will pick them up and carry them a few feet gingerly in her teeth, spit it out and bounce and pounce again!

Sampson hasn't quite perfected the maneuver yet as he sometimes ends up wearing one on top of his nose or on his head as they are mad to escape! Then you should see the movements and positions that I never knew a basset hound could get into to get the monster off his head!

And of course if the cricket chirps louder that just winds the pups up more. I know for a fact that HoneyDew actually ate at least one. I told her I better not find body parts in the house in the morning or no more dusk walks for her!

Of course I don't have any pictures as I only had the cell phone with me, as it was getting dark it didn't register a photo. I'll take my camera next has video capabilities...then if I can just figure out how to get the video on here...

Now they are sleeping peacefully and looking all noncricketthreatening like...

Anyways Happy DOT's!


  1. Way too funny! Never saw a dog (let alone a basset) chasing a cricket! Although MaggieMae is good at spotting whatever moves across my living room rug or any other floor in the house! Thanks for the morning laugh!!

  2. Wow! They sure are tuckered out. Clementine also likes bugs - she brought in a cicada the other day and I screamed and freaked out and starting climbing on furniture.

  3. LOLOL! Your analogies are the greatest! (hope no one walks behind us with the same mind-set) LOL. Very funny post!

    Do you remember Jess, the rot-boxer mix, used to eat bees??

  4. Tsar likes to catch crickets and dismember them. I'll find legs here and body over there. Then after he takes them apart, he rolls on them.

  5. LOL, so cute...great cricket hunters!

  6. That's too funny. I can totally see the dance to get the cricket off the head. g

  7. LOL how cute! My dog seems to ignore most insects though. Is that normal?

  8. I can just imagine the scene!!! We dont have crickets over here but the basset madness has not escaped us.
    Good to see Honey Dew and Sampson tired out - a tired dog is a good dog!!!

  9. That is furry funny that you wear a cricket-bug on the end of your nose☺ Our momma always thought that your kind of poochies are really cute but she says that a purr-son can only have so many dogs in a lifetime and she can't have them all☺

  10. Haha....this brought a huge grin to our faces (and us hounds always look so sad!) We're trying to picture it but it's just too funny....PLEASE try and get a video on :D We like the big spiders that come in at the moment because of the rain....they're fun to chase and pretty tasty too!
    Happy DOT :D :D
    Slobbers xx