Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 21st Benjamin!

Yep it's true, the baby boy is all grown up!

Ben spent the summer living in a tent completing an internship with the PA Game Commission, Forestry Department this year. He had a great time, thoroughly enjoying being out of doors 24/7...well except for in the thunder storms!

He spent his off duty time fishing, kayaking, hiking, reading, eating and sleeping. Not necessarily in that order or equal quanities. Some weekends he was able to come home to spend time with us and his sweetheart.

He heads back to his third year of college in a week. We sure are going to miss him. We are proud of you Ben! Happy Birthday!


  1. Belated birthday wishes. What a great way to spend a summer!

  2. I'm late but Happy Birthday! The cake looks scrummy.

    His summer sounds like it was wonderful.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben! What a great way to spend your summer! My son put in his packet for Forestry Service and finds out in September if he is selected.

  4. thank goodness he made it back safe and sound. I can't believe we are already juniors, seems like we just started! It was nice to see you, I'm sure it is pretty quite at your place this week. miss ya already.