Saturday, February 7, 2009

Very Disappointing...

How about we had the day all planned. We were going to go to the park to see the ice sculptures in the nice warm weather (48 degrees-do you believe it? :-).

We arrive at the park, the bassets are happily greeting everyone they meet, and all the children are taking a turn petting them. Everyone is having a good time.

On my way into the center of the park, enjoying the ice sculptures, a well meaning couple come up to me and whispered...

"Do you know that you can't have dogs in the park?"

Me: what, why is that?

Them: "We're not sure, but a friend of ours got in trouble for having theirs here and they have signs posted at the corners."

Me: Hmmmm, I have been bringing Dew down here for the last five years for the fire and ice event as well as Garden Mart in the summer, and the Farmers Market on Saturdays. I have never had any problems.

Them: "Well we just wanted you to know because if one certain Franklin Cop sees you, you will be in trouble. We like dogs ourselves and would rather see them here then some people that come but just to let you know."

Well I thanked them and looked for the quickest way out of the park. You can only go on the paths because of all the snow, the bassets wouldn't have made it very far very fast. So on the path of least congestion (LOL) we start on our way out. Only to run into three very nasty persons who let me and everyone else around know in no uncertain terms that "NO DOGS WERE ALLOWED IN THE PARK, and what's the matter can't I read."

Well actually one would have to SEE the sign before READING it. And I admit I wasn't looking for a sign, we were busy greeting people and gawking at the ice sculptures.

So I took my friends back to the car and apologized, poor Honey Dew was pouting, and when she pouts it is like dragging a tank to get her back to the car and she wasn't going to get in either. She weighs almost 60 pounds. Of dead weight when she wants or doesn't want something. This particular something was getting into the car! Luckily I had treats in my pocket with which I bribed them. I did get them into the car, then went back to the park to take a couple of quick shots. And sure enough this is what I saw...

and then this...

Mind you that this is the same park that hosts a "petting zoo" and "pet costume contest" in each summer. I guess you can have the pups on the sidewalks surrounding the park just not inside the park. And I was not the only one...

Here are a few shots of the ice sculptures...

The people of Franklin love dogs. We are always out and about with them. They bring them to "Light Up Night" Memorial Day, July 4th parades, the Fireworks Display in River Front Park and the Thursday Night Band. The dogs are even in some of the parades. We take them through McDonalds and to the local "Dairy Queen" or Tasty Freeze for a doggy cone! The banks even give out doggy biscuits through the teller windows! I am sure the city has their reasons for this rule (although I haven't ever encountered bad tempered dogs, or heard of people getting bit in town, or seen anyone who did not clean up after their dog should they have an accident).

But to tell you the truth, I didn't stay long. For me it just kind of took the enjoyment of the event right out of it.

Anyone care to comment?


  1. Seems like this is happening more and more, certainly over here. We're not affected (being in the country) but a lot of towns are finding that councils are banning dogs left, right and centre. However, the Kennel Club has helped set up a scheme to try and fight these very unfair bans. Perhaps you can fight back and put your case for all those well behaved dogs who have never caused any bother. Dogs (should) have rights!

  2. Hi Tina
    I am really sorry, I can understand that took the fun out of the day for you. The ice sculptures look great but the poor dogs having to sit in the car!
    I do think we should all be promoting responsible dog ownership as you say picking up etc if your dog has an accident but surely it is good for the dogs to included. They are after all part of your family and also part of the community. Get a petition going and all you dog owners get together. I did wonder why you didnt pick Honey Dew and Sampson up right enough!!!
    Don't let it ruin the weekend. I remember when someone told me they had visited a castle in the UK and were told no dogs. As far as I am aware the Queen's corgis go there with her when she stays!

  3. That really stinks! I run into this a lot since I have a toy dog who goes everywhere with me... The ice sculptures were pretty, but even I felt a twinge of unhappiness looking at the photos knowing that you could not have your babies there with you.

  4. When my fur-boys (now departed) were young, about the only socialization Fred (the basset) liked was the Farmers Market. He was a gentleman, and everyone adored him. Then came the "no dogs" rule, and that ended that. I've been back to said Market once, so I know precisely how you feel.

  5. It stinks that you got booted out of your park....i'm guessing they want to prevent any accidents from happening, there are so many irresponsible dog owners, it's just sad for those whose dogs ARE well behaved and who DO clean up after them, i'm with Martha, they are a part of our families and it's such a shame when they have to miss out!
    The ice sculptures are really pretty though :o)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Slobbers xx

  6. Sadly, I think this happens because of those irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs run wild, attacking other dogs, and not cleaning up after them. I'm so sorry that your babies weren't allowed there!

    Gus and Waldo

  7. This is as stupid as "vets" lining their pockets! Next thing you know...if your child is unruly and looks different from other children there will be signs saying..."sorry no illegal aliens allowed" ! Grrrr...sorry Dew and Sampson....they are just mean people who probably have mean dogs and mean vets too. =(

  8. This is just insane, a park that does not allow dogs (animals!). Something wrong with these people's heads.