Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Sunset

The pups and I took a walk today, it was in the 40's! Can you believe it! We can't get used to it though as we are supposed to have more frigid weather this week. So we took advantage of it while we could.

this is the sunset we were blessed with...

Now the "boys" are anxiously awaiting the game to start...

as you can see they are wearing their "colors" to cheer on their team! (This next part is published under duress!)

As for me and Honey Dew....we are just watching for the commercials...we will be sure to let you know our favorites!


  1. Lovely sunset Tina! Looks like you're sending that snow over to the Britain, not sure if it'll reach us though.
    I know I'll sound totally dim but is the 'game' something to do with the Superbowl?

  2. Beautiful sunset.... and exciting game! Commercials.....? Well Budweiser commercials with the horses are the best, as always!!

  3. What a lovely sunset............there is always a lovely reward for braving the weather. The snow is now in the UK so we may need to come to you for basset hound survival tips!
    Martha & Bailey xxx