Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got Mud?

We sure do! What an exciting sign of the times! Spring must be right around the corner right? It was 48 degrees here today and the pups and I enjoyed as we took our "walk" on the bike trail for the lunch hour. I say "walk" but as most people with Bassets know if they are on a lead it is more like a "snuffle" (sniffing + shuffling walk= snuffle!). As you can see from the photo we arrived at the 1/2 mile marker in 30 minutes. Hey the pups were occupied, you know they had to check out every pmail post, clump of grass, low branch or other smelly things.

This isn't a great picture but this is a tree growing beside the bike trail that had huge blocks of ice still around it. The river and ice flow had gotten up that high.

So when I arrived home I did the unthinkable. (pssst...please don't tell them!) I. snuck. out. without. the. pups. Yep to go for a w-a-l-k. By myself. I know, I know I feel guilty enough....

However here are some of my excuses, ahem, I mean might remember that I had some goals in mind for this year. One of them being weight loss. Well, I can't loose weight if my heart rate doesn't go above a snuffle! And let me tell you. My legs and feet are sending me messages of just how out of shape I am, that a glance at my rearview in the mirror couldn't!!! I did walk 2+ miles, got a shower, and started some laundary all in under an hour.

Now that the weather has given the appearance of letting up I have no excuses. I have to get moving.

When the light lasts longer and the snow has melted away, I have a couple of places to take the pups too that they can have a good run and I can walk as fast as I want because they will catch up to me and still sniff to their hearts content.

I think the pups may have caught on. I saw them eyeballing the mud on my shoes... and now Honey Dew is pouting...

Oh well all will be forgiven when they get their treat and their snuggle!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


  1. nothing better than a long walk and a treat at the end!! happy dot!

  2. Like the new word you created, snuffle. I also go on walks and runs without my pup because she doesn't always want to run. Oh the guilt.

  3. It sounds like they had a good time! I really need to get out and start walking myself. I wouldn't be able to take Zoe on my exercise walks either, because she does too much stopping and sniffing as well.

  4. Yes we sometimes do snuffles too. Other times we like to run and chase scents and actually have helped our mum lose nearly a stone. That is just following us - or trying to!
    It looks as though Sampson and Honey Dew enjoyed their walk and their treat so we think it was OK that you sneaked out for another walk!
    love & kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  5. Our babies are always forgiving so you shouldn't feel too
    Sounds like they had fun ! Happy DoT to you all..Thanks for stopping by.
    Oh and as for Stuffing taste! lol

  6. I love reading your blog! always gives me a chuckle and makes a bright spot in my day!

  7. Hi Girls and Boys! Hehe, our Mum is totally with you on the snuffling thing....she says when you are owned by Hounds you don't take them for a walk, they take you for a loiter!
    Spring is definitely in the air....lovely! Have mud, will roll :o)
    Slobbers xx

  8. What a lovely blog! Your dogs are gorgeous!

    Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog WOods

  9. Tina I love the pic of Honey Dew and Sampson tethered to the tree. That's how I have to get pictures too! I just love your hounds!