Monday, February 2, 2009

Really too many choices...

What a great evening! I came home to find that my DH made spaghetti for us for dinner! Which freed up time so that I could do my yoga stretches that have been helping my lower back and legs. Now I am doing this....

Catching up on some of my favorite blogs when I should be working on this...

Aren't the colors pretty? Just love this sock yarn by Trekking of Germany, so squishy! Out of all the socks I have made, (I've only kept one pair that was my first pair completed and that was three years ago!)I have given them away so this pair is mine, all mine! Or I could be doing some more on this. I have seven other knitting waiting in the wings for their turn...and they keep calling my name. I like to take the socks with me to work on when I go somewhere, the others I do here. I am at the point now that this one is on the way to finishing and I can start the mate on the go.

In any case it is nice to be able to choose and have a little down time to enjoy it!


  1. those ARE cute! I wish I had the patience (and teacher) to learn how to knit. Beautiful blog!

  2. Hi Tina
    We got a surprise there - we thought that looks like our blog - and it was!
    Isn't it lovely when others help by making dinner and you then get a chance to relax.
    We hope we are less complicated than knitting socks!
    Have a lovely day
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. Aaarrooooo, we see our other Basset buddies, yippee! Glad you got some "me" time, what a great hubby cooking you spaghetti, hope he gets some of thos squishy socks!
    Re. your comment....the tide was actually on it's way out, what a beautiful day it was yesterday, dramatic skies!
    Slobbers xx

  4. Those socks look just the thing to keep your feet nice and warm in all that snow. I know you've had more than enough of it but I love seeing it on your blog!

  5. Well I am sure glad for the pair you gave me, b/c I have them on right now! We are getting another cold blast/ I went to the bar a couple hrs ago to check on hubby as he is out there building more rabbt cages, and I about froze before i made it back to the house.... but my feet were toasty!

  6. That's a nice shout-out to Martha's Blog... one of my personal faves! Hope y'all are doing well and staying warm.

  7. Funny, my hubby made spaghetti for dinner on Tuesday and in fact he cooked all this week - it was lovely.

    Your socks looks great. You really shouldn't give all handknit socks away. g