Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When isn't it...

...the dog days of summer? Around here at least a portion of the day is! So the pups and I decided on a romp (well they romped anyway!) at Lake Wilhelm for awhile. No geese to chase today but I did spot this tree.

Does anyone know what type it is? I've never seen the little pine cone type pods on them before.

Honeydew found quite a few good scents but as Curly Joe had already found something stinky to roll in earlier this morning which necessitated an unscheduled bath, I wasn't allowing further exploration of that particular area!

I was able to snap a still shot of each which turned out well!

The lake was very still today and looked like it may be in its "turning over" phase as it looked a bit like pea soup.

The pups spent the rest of the afternoon napping while I did up some laundry, started dinner and went to the Y for water therapy. Tonight it will be knitting more on my shawlette. I am almost finished so pictures will be coming soon.

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  1. Nice pictures! Well if its "turning over time" at the lake I won't be going there any time soon to paint, LOL!
    Anxious to see your beautiful shawlett completed.