Saturday, March 22, 2014


Although the calendar may say spring, other than the mud, you wouldn't know it. More snow in the forcast, falling temperatures, brisk winds.

Despite all this Honeydew and I made our way meandering around the upper yard making mental notes of spring chores waiting to be done; downed branches, twigs to be gathered for the bonfires later in the spring and summer, a dead old tree that has fallen at the edge of the woodline to be cut up for wood for said bonfires, the support for the grape arbor needs restrung with coated wire before the grape vine puts on new growth, a hole in the top of the chicken run needs mended, Christmas lights and garland needs taken down (good grief it is almost Easter!), the flower beds and pots need a ton of attention, plants need pruned, etc...I am excited about the spring, both the work and the walks I hope and imagine Honeydew and I will be able to share. 

By the time we made it to the lower yard (no it is not a great size of property, HoneyDew just likes to sniff and take her time (savoring the fagrances I guess!) the wind was very cutting, and Honeydew had enough and headed to the house. Of course with the mud you can guess what was coming next? 

Bathtime!!! And then of course the after-bath I-can't-get-dry-enough roll rub-ears-on-the-floor, you-missed-a-spot licking, run-around-the-house-and-bark-like-crazy dance!


Until she is finally satisfied (or wore out!) and settles for a nice warm nap.

Come to think of it, that is not a bad idea! It is Saturday after all and the chores will still be there when it warms up (and the latest round of snow melts)...hopefully soon!

We hope where ever you are, you have a nice relaxing weekend too!


  1. Glad you are blogging again. Wish I had something to blog about... :-P Stuck in a rut I guess... Love you!

  2. Good post, Tina. I just went through that bath thing a couple days ago with Curley Joe, after he snuck out and made a trench by running around terrorizing the grand ladies and gents of the Cozy Coop. At least I could pick him up and throw him into the sink. :)
    I am with you on the spring chores.

    Glad you took time to post. You might just inspire me to start up again.