Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wonderful Sunday...

Kerry and I woke up early on Sunday morning and took the dogs to the bike trail for an early morning snuffle before the dew was even off the ground.

We came across another old gent out for his morning stroll...

we got his attention rather quickly and although we introduced ourselves,

he was rather "snappish" and preferred to continue on his way without our company!

I also met this little lady sunning herself. She was camoflaged obviously well as both dogs and Kerry walked right past without ever seeing her!

After our stroll we returned home to have tea and toast on the front porch.

Where we were treated to a special song by this catbird who is nesting in a nearby forcythia bush.

I have been spotting a pair of Bluebirds in our yard for the last few weeks, but could not tell where they were nesting. I saw them again, and determined right after breakfast I would see if I could find their nesting location and get a couple of pictures of them. As I was bracing my camera against an old tree (that had been left in the side yard to nail bird houses to no less) to steady the zoom to photograph the male blue bird in a nearby oak tree, imagine my great suprise when the female flew out of one of the holes next to my ear!

So I did find the nesting site by accident! In the below picture you can see the female grooming herself in the Oak tree as the male lifted off just as I clicked the picture. He looks like a blurry blue batman but the color of his feathers sure come through!

Here the female is coming back to the nest while I am trying to stay perfectly still behind our garage.

I don't think I have hidden very well as she is keeping her eye on me!

I decided to leave her in peace and go do some knitting on the front porch. and I figured that was enough bird watching for the day anyway. Time to get my tea cozy finished like the one that I had made for my mother.

Who knew that dogs would be so interested in knitting? Do you know what it is like to knit with multiple sets of eyes watching you all the while? In fact, I kind of have the feeling that there are more then just the two sets of eyes that I can see on the porch!

HoneyDew must feel it to, because she looks away from me to see who else is here...

There it is! A Robin in the lilac beside the porch!

What? Don't see her?

I told her I was sure I could learn a thing or two about knitting from her since she could knit her whole summer home, that is Extreme Knitting at it's best!

Here is my finished knitted product. I adapted the neck on this one after seeing it fit on my mom's Brown Betty, that the pattern was a little too high about the neck.

I love relaxing Sundays! Tea anyone?


  1. Simply awesome post! Love those bird pictures. and you can see the catbird singing... just too cute!!

  2. Beautiful. I recently had tea with friends (an lunch) and just posted about it on my blog too. If you've not been there yet, check it out.

  3. I'd love a cuppa', but those hounds... they're just adorable!