Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poof ...what happened to them???

Yep, it's finally shedding season in PA. But don't worry the pups are still around! Just making their annual contribution to their neighborhood "FFNIA" or for those of you who are not familiar with the organization the "Feathered Friends Nesting Improvment Association"! HoneyDew and Sampson heard that twigs and mud was making the nest a little bit hard on some of their friends naked offspring, so they thought they would do their part to make the nests a little softer! Afterwards they thought they would take a little siesta on the front porch and enjoy the sunshine...

Happy DOT's,
HoneyDew, Sampson and Tina too.


  1. The furminator strikes again!

  2. Sissy is just starting to get an undercoat, but we also contribute what we do comb off to our feathered friends...

  3. Man! I wish mine had a shedding season - but no, they shed all year long.

    I bet they were happy to have less fur when sunbathing. g