Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finished Knitting Projects

I haven't posted in a while about some of my knitting projects so thought maybe some of you would like to see what I have been keeping myself busy with.

First up was the tea cozy I knitted for my mom that fits a 4 cup tea pot or a brown betty tea pot. I knitted it with Hemp for Knitting, made in Italy, 65% wool and 35% hemp blend and the pattern was a freebie online at Ravelry by Elizabeth Kleven. I will be making another for myself soon and here you see it modeled on my tea pot at home. My mom posted it on her blog, on her brown betty tea pot here.

Next up is the Steelers cap that I made for my eldest with Cascade 220 Black and Gold 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. Cascade Yarns also included the pattern designed by Lorna Miser with the yarn as a give away when I attended the 6th Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. He was pleased!

Now this was a fun one and my first attempt at cables, I think they turned out wonderful if I do say so myself! The pattern is Milky Mitts and fingerless gloves designed by Renae Jones and knitted up with yarn from Kollage Yarns that was made with 50% MILK (yes you read that correctly, it is not a typo) and 50% wool. I made this pair up for my youngest son's fiance who was also kind enough to model them for me!

Next is a Monmouth Cap with a pattern that was adapted from the original by Jane Bigelow for a more feminine as well as slighter smaller version . You can read more about this historical cap here (scroll clear down) as well as download the original pattern. Long story short, this type of cap has been knitted since the 17th century and originated in the Welsh town of Monmouth. The yarn was Lamb's Pride of Brown Sheep Company, made up of 85% wool and 15% Mohair, and was really a quick knit. It's going to be very cozy this winter! You can wear it with the brim up or down.

Currently on the needles are a pair of socks for a dear sis~n~law, a cap for a boy who saw me knitting the one above and asked if I could knit a hat for him as his birthday was the following day!, a lace scarf of kids silk haze that I can only work on during the daylight hours as the yarn is so fine, and a couple of baby blankets that are now on the top of the Get it finished quick! list.


  1. Lovely FOs! I have a baby blanket to finish, and I need to hurry up since the baby is three weeks old and there's another blankie to make for a June baby...

  2. Fabulous FO' the tea cozy!

  3. Hi Tina, where have you been.....or yes knitting! We love the tea cosy with the button detail.
    We also liked the hats and the mittens - what a very pretty model you had for your mittens too.
    Now what are you going to knit for your bassets?
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Wow, you've sure been a busy girl. I love that little tea cosy. I've never owned one, but I think they're very cute and I especially like that one. Not too fussy.