Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Herb Class-Session I

Today I had the opportunity to attend an herb class at the Old Emlenton Mill in the quaint little town of Emlenton, PA. Here is a picture of the town today...

(picture by Ruhrfisch, and used with permission)
and the mill today...
 please click on the links for additional information and historical pictures of the town and Mill.
I love the old victorian houses that line the hills around the Allegheny River. As the class is a 4 part series, I hope to get some pictures of them in my next visit through.

The class itself was sponsored by AmeriCorps and instructed by Kathy Deible of  The Herb Shed in Knox, PA.
Kathy was a delightful speaker and very interested in what we all were interested in taking away from the class information wise. She brought lots of informative handouts, cuttings and seeds. The next few sessions will be more hands on in the use of herbs.
We started dill and chive seeds, and a cutting of citronela geranium. I will show some pictures of their growth later, should I get lucky and they do indeed grow!

As you can see we were all interested in the topic and were taking a number of notes!

You may have noticed in the first picture one of the signs on the Old Mill was one for antigues. Well Kathie Z and I are forever finding little places like this that we obviously can't pass up, tee hee, and this is what I found...
I love the tatting and embroidery work on this set of pillow cases and I really did hear them say: "You simply must take us home, we go so well with your grandmother's quilt!" Ok, so maybe that part was really just me, lol!

The day inspired me to get out and work in my herb and flower beds, get the old cut away and see what if anything is coming up... maybe tomorrow...


  1. Sounds like a very fun time! ... and you KNOW I would have liked to have been there with you! Love those pillow cases... and you are right. They should go very well with that quilt! So glad you found them

  2. Beautiful pillowcases. Great match. I slept under that quilt a few times!