Thursday, January 21, 2010


It was another cold lazy day around here for this DOT Post.

The pups have been sneaking upstairs and taking a turn on the bed. We think it is the electric blanket that is attracting them! They have been great just looking forward to smaller snow drifts and slightly warmer weather! We have gotten out for walks but not long hikes or off lead walks as the snow has been pretty deep in the woods yet.

In other news, I haven't been sleeping real well, last night however after this...

and some of  this...

which resulted in this...

and a good night's sleep!

I am working on it's mate tonight. I don't think I will have quite as much sleep as my youngest is back on his way to college tonight. (I keep trying to get him to travel during normal hours but no he thinks the gray in my hair is attractive!)


  1. Well, I'll have to remember all this when I can't sleep, but then I can't knit it'll just have to be the wine... Of course I'll have to go buy some first! And the sock looks warm and cozy. I know mine are!! Thanks again for them!!!!

  2. Looks like both you and the dogs have the right idea! My girls don't sneak of to bed...they demand it as their right...good thing we know who's in charge around here...sigh.

  3. LOL the look on their face is really priceless!

    Can imagine how worried you'll be over your son's travelling at night. Hope he has a safe journey.

  4. You can always trust bassets to find the cosiest spot - especially in the winter!
    Your post painted the picture of cosy evenings at home with wine and knitting!
    Stay warm
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Ahh, those doggies know a comfortable spot when they see one, and an electric blanket to keep them warm. Sounds like heaven.

    I like you sleep remedies.

  6. Our dogs think the bed is theirs and that they let us join them. Yours look like they have just gotten caught but are too comfy to move.

  7. The pups look so happy and comfortable in the big bed. Hey, someone gonna keep it warm, right?