Friday, January 8, 2010

I miss my mom's blogs...

We talk on the phone quite a bit. But she lives out of state so I don't get much chance to see her. So when she was posting and I would read her post, it was like walking up onto the front porch, knocking on the door and being invited in for a cup of tea!

Her posts just always made me feel like I was coming home although it was not the home that I had grown up in. She was just a click away, anytime of the day or night...

So just wanted to say how much I missed that instant access, her insights, her pictures, her thoughts, really just the view of her world out her window.

I love you mom!


  1. Yep, you are not the only one who misses her insights... :-( But I do understand what she's going through.

  2. Tina, you have much to be thankful for being able to still talk on the phone. Enjoy what you have..... arrange to go visit.