Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Dogs see how they lay...

After our Thanksgiving dinner last week, we were able to capture goofball Sampson in one of his silly poses that you know cannot be comfortable.

Sampson, who must be t-o-u-c-h-i-n-g one of us at all times, even if there is not enough room...

And for a close up of the goofball...

Honey Dew: "Darling you won't ever catch me in an undignified position, evah!"

Me: "yeah, right!"

***A New Addition***

Meet Simon!

My l'sis and her child adopted this American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier from a Shelter who had rescued him from very dismal conditions. He has been the perfect addition for her family very gentle, loving, and lay backed. Even the vet was suprised at how trusting and easy going he is. One of the first things my sister did was take him to PetSmart for new collar, leash, harness, treats, food, food bowls and toys! Here is a picture that really shows just how much he has already bonded with the family, sleeping with M...

And one of his sillier sides...

Welcome to the family Simon!


  1. lol. Silly Sampson. But Simon doesn't have room to talk... he does the same thing. It's nice to be loved.

  2. Cute, cute! Sissy will also wedge herself in wherever, however...

  3. Samson looks like he had too much turkey! And Simon is beautiful!!!

  4. Welcome Simon - he looks and sounds like a lovely dog.
    It is handy that Sampson has his harness on - when he falls through the gap you can catch him!
    Honey Dew, being a female basset, is just so much more sophisticated!
    A bit like ourselves............
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  5. Sampson can not be comfortable...surely?!

  6. Silly Sampson, be careful that you don't fall on your head.

    Simon looks like a great dog. I'm so glad he found such a loving, safe home.

  7. Sampson looks as tired as if he'd have chased down the turkey you all had for Thanksgiving! or is he just worn out from drooling over it while it cooked all day?

    Simon is even prettier than in the pictures. I got to meet this handsome fellow his first day home!I know he will have a great home and just all kinds of attention!