Saturday, December 5, 2009

Currently on the needles, and one hot off the needles...

Today was our monthly meeting of the Wooly Wonders Fiber Guild ( well the November and December combined due to the holidays). Each year I have to say by far this is my most favorite meeting because we always have something quick and fun to do for the holiday. This year Jerri showed us how to take a clear plastic or glass bulb and make something unique, using up the odd and end bits in our stash of yarn. She gave us 5 different patterns from a fair isle type, lace type, solid or striped, and/or novelty yarn type. You can even use the odd bit of left over sock yarn! Here is my first attempt and it was done in little over an hour (I am slow!)

It was really fun to make! I should also mention that this was made with Jerri's own designs which makes it even more special!

I really enjoy the camaradarie, ideas, and knitting encouragement that I get (and give) at this group. For instance everyone there knows I am a very tight knitter. I never loosen up, (not really sure what this says about me as a person but...) so right off the bat about 3 of the ladies said, "Heh Tina, you are probably going to want to try this with a size 4 instead of size 3 double pointed needles." See that is the type of thing that is really neat! They know me! Luckily I had that size with me so I didn't have to wait to get started!

Another example is I had mentioned that my mom wanted to knit up some leg warmers but was concerned about them staying up, I mentioned this to one of the group in passing on a previous occasion, and do you know when I arrived at the guild one of the members had went through the guilds' stash and came up with tiny elastic band that you knit in with the yarn! She also left word for me to send the entire spool down to my mom (she lives out of state), have her use what she needed and if any was left over to send the remainder back!

We don't exchange gifts at the guild, but one of the ladies put together this little goody and gave each of us one. In case you cannot tell from the picture, this is a candle wrapped in a scroll of paper entitled 'The Tradition of the Christmas Candle...

and contains a Christmas blessing from a friend to a friend. If you cannot read the scroll and would like the words, just let me know and I will email it to you. How about you, if you knit do you have a fantastic group of ladies that you get together with?

Lastly, (I know I am rather wordy tonight!) this is what is currently on the needles...

...yep another pair of socks. This time for my mother-n-law, who does not read my blog so no danger of blowing the suprise. I love, love, love the colors! The yarn is very squishy and yummy to touch. I admit I am a yarn snob especially when it comes to socks, so the fact that this is Red Heart, Heart and Sole Yarn was a suprise to me, but it is 70% Superwash wool, 30% Nylon and is made with Aloe. It is working up very nicely, the test will be when they are washed then worn. I really hope that they do not fuzz or pill up.

If any of you have used this yarn please feel free to let me know your thoughts!


  1. Yep, you have a fantastic group there, I'd say! Those Christmas ornaments are just darling, so homey looking.
    I am sure those socks will be a hit with your MIL. I really like mine, had them on yesterday!

  2. I bought two different ornament patterns last year, and this was to be the year I knitted ornaments... HA! Your projects look great.

  3. I think starting in January, I'll make a bunch of ornaments for next year. Some can be gifts and some for us. I like the knit ball.