Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inside One Cackle Way...

All is not quiet in the hen house...there are some new kids on the block...and they are making themselves known and at home!

They sure have gotten big since this was taken.
My Dad had made me this nesting box last year that I never got a chance to use after the Big Chicken Massacre. The hens are definitely making use of it this year. On an average they are giving me 35 eggs a week!

The hubby and I are off to the bike trail for a ride together. We used to do this when the kids were younger, but when they hit the teen age years when it was more cool to be seen in a car then on a bike we kind of got out of practise. I started back up last year and this year hubby is going too! It will be fun and I am taking the camera too!


  1. Wow, 35 eggs a week! Good girls :D
    The chicks are very cute. We LOVE seeing everyone else's Spring!
    We're the same with the bikes, kids don't come anymore and it's a struggle getting all four dogs to follow us rather than their noses, easier to walk....shame as we have a terrific network of bike trails here.
    Happy cycling and have a glorious Sunday!

  2. Your chicks look good and healthy, but I am not surprised :)
    3 cheers to you on the bike riding!

  3. Wow! Those chickens are really producing for you! Awesome! I got on my bike today too....the motorcycle that is! It felt good. I rode to Lewiston and got an ice cream cone! So much for me exercising, but actually, Maggie and I got in two walks today equalling about 50 min. total. So that wasn't too bad. By the way, check out the new flowers I got, on my blog!

  4. That's great....35 eggs a week. My hubby and I were just talking about having some chicks but we're not certain how the hounds will react to them in their yard!!