Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer's Flying!

I cannot believe it is about the middle of July. It has been a very busy summer.

We are enjoying retirement immensely! Although on a budget, we are able to take trips; Quebec Canada, North Carolina, and soon MI, are able to have a small garden, visit family, help care for parents with doctor visits and other errands, herding chickens, and of course play with the pups.

My pain management has improved but I have to tell you the hoops people have to jump through are ridiculous! But I am glad it is working and I am able to do a bit more.

I have been knitting, but have really got to knuckle down and finish projects instead of being online (with the exception of this blog!)

I have not rid out my closets yet (Pennsylvanian dialect, but is a word!), oiled and prepped my sewing machine or began my spinning as yet. I believe the end of August and into the fall will be my target date for that.

My DH has enjoyed hunting, fishing, and golfing this summer. And of course hanging out with me :)

One of my favorite pictures and visits from this summer was with our little man "O". Going to see him real soon and can't wait to spend time with him and my youngest son and daughter in law!

To view other pictures of our adventures like the epic bear hunt, fishing hauls, knitting, gardening and pups, I'm on Instagram as @thegardener63.

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