Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just a stroll

I took the dogs for a walk the other day. It was gray out and nothing really spectacular about the day to speak of. But we enjoyed the walk and the somewhat warmer temperatures.

I particularly enjoyed these two entertwined trees. They spoke to me of marriage. 
You can see they are both straight and tall, each giving way just enough as well as leaning in just enough, without causing the other to bow. 
Each with the strength to stand alone but stronger because each is entwined with the other. 
Each having great character and texture of their own but a much more compelling message to me at least because they are together.
If they had been standing alone, they may have been just another tree in the forest but because of their eternal embrace, they spoke to me.
The day also showed me the promise of spring. I love the fresh start, the promise of new life that spring brings.
And the first flower in bloom that I have seen. Even if it is growing in a ditch. 
Even if it is something others may call a weed. It reminded me to remember to bloom where I am planted and to bring joy to others I may encounter.
The walk also reminded me to push past my limitations just a little bit further because the view can be spectacular.

So yes it was "just a stroll", but one that reminded me to watch for inspiration in unexpected and yet everyday places.

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