Thursday, March 24, 2011

Early Spring Riverwalk-DOT Post

 Finally the snow has melted and we are able to get out of the house for some nice walkies! It is so good to smell the ground again. It is still chilly but we are anxious to sniff out any p-mail we can find!
 Just look at my younger brother... he is so excited to be out and about he has drool wrapped up around his nose. Can't take him anywhere... but as long as he keeps his distance, no one will know we are related. You know just in case I run into any good looking golden retreivers...
Arrroooweee the river sure is high! Momma dog does not let us go near there. She yells "leave it" and "come" , you don't have to tell me twice. That is scary out there.

Arrrooooweee what have we here! If we were in a contest right now, someone sure would have won the award for 'fetch it'. A little extreme though don't you think?

Birds are out!

All kinds of 'em. This one is a bit shy!
It didn't want to play with us, no matter how many times we barked and howled at it, it kept going the other way!

Momma says the buds are pretty... if she says so...

I would rather look for rabbits, or deer, or bear.
Sampson's such a show off... telling me to hurry up and calling me slow poke!

But as you can see I am right behind him... he just has longer legs then me.
Whew what a great walk, that tired me out!

Time to take our basset bums back to the car for some snackies and a nice nap!

Happy DOT's Everyone!
HoneyDew "Don't Disturb" Basset


  1. Great post! Love the pics..... especially the last ones.... too cute!

  2. Great the butt shot!