Thursday, August 12, 2010

DOT Post-Slobberfest 2010

One of the events the pups and I attended this year was Slobberfest 2010. It was held in July, but this is the first opportunity I have really had to post about really has been an eventful summer!

The pups, DH, and a friend Jackie G had a wonderful time at the event. There were over 200 bassets in attendance according to the online newspaper article.

We were going to enter Sampson in the Fastest Responding to Owners Call but at the beginning of the week he was having trouble with his hip again.

To give you a smile or two here are some of the photos...

my first time to see a real live Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and I believe the first to attend this event...
all ages were having fun, and have you ever seen a basset who refused to have their bumm scratched? I didn't think so!
This one was quite a character, no she is NOT begging, she is trying to see over the crowds!
I am not kidding! This was the line to the registration table...
We met up with some old friends...
This little girl was very much a lady through the whole event. Sweet as pie, mild mannered, just look at her expression! She was also one of the original Droopy Dozen to be rescued and adopted, I love happy ever after stories, don't you???
This was one of the youngest attendees. I believe he was 10 weeks old, just full of vinegar! He kept chewing on Sampson's ears and Sampson didn't mind a bit!
This one didn't win the price for best costume but she should have won an award for patience! I watched while her owner put on the false eyelashes and yes, actual lipstick! The rest of her costume was a tutu. Bless her heart!
Who wouldn't want her as a present!

This one was Jimmy Barkett, I loved him!
I loved the coloring of this guy and his costume complete with a ball and chain...

No HoneyDew and Sampson did not dress up for the costume contest. The T-shirts were to deflect the sun and had cooling packs in the flowered/butterflied pockets. Gifts from "Grandma" so they wouldn't overheat! Sending her slobber kisses!!!

Happy Dot's!


  1. Looks like quite an event!! Its always amazing what people will do with their doggies!! Lipstick!!


  2. Looks like a lot of hound afoot there!! LOL.

  3. So much to love here... PVGBs are darling, but the Knight doesn't like whiskers on a dog, so...

    Love the cool packs in the shirts. Wonder if that would change Sissy's attitude on clothes?

  4. What a fun event! Love all the photos!

  5. Hi Tina
    Thanks for dropping by - we have missed our pals.
    HoneyDew and Sampson look great in their T shirts - such a thoughtful granny!
    That Slobberfest looked fun - lots of great bassets there.
    Of course, like you, we adore happy ever after stories - they are the best.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. Those are great cooling shirts. What a good idea.

    I love PBGVs and if I wasn't owned by PWDs, that would be my backup breed of choice.

  7. Just the name Slobberfest makes me smile :) Looks like lots of fun.

  8. Sounds like you all had a great time there!

  9. Oh what a fun event!! Love all the pics. What a great idea of those t-shirts!

  10. What a fun event... great photos!!