Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

at least that is what I have been told. I know what I was hungry for, after the aroma of these beauties have filled my house since yesterday...

So for breakfast; strawberries, whipped cream and a pot of English Breakfast Tea.

Looks yummy doesn't it! Would you like to try some?

Very sweet and juicy!

Sampson: "I would like some!"

Dew: "Are you going to eat it all yourself?"

Me: "Why yes I am!"

BTW, the last time I had shared my breakfast with you,  you might remember this or this. But look who has come out of their shells and decided to be social! Aren't they cute? Still little fluff balls!

As I was finishing my breakfast, my neighbor Kathi Z called and asked if this little guy could come visit and feed the chickens.

As you can see he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Especially when he got to find an egg which he carried back to Grammies for his breakfast! I love that smile!

In other news, today is Knit in Public Day, with events being held all over and in our area at Presque Isle park, Grove City Park, and here in Franklin on the greens of the Library. Hopefully I will have some pictures later to show everyone. 

Of course when I get home, I have to get all those strawberries taken care of too! How are you spending your day? 


  1. If I like strawberries, those would look good, lol. Love the pic of everything on the table!

  2. Beautiful photos, but we had a large strawberry patch when I was growing up, and I'm good with a pint or less to clean these days...

  3. Wow... nice berres! Love your little birdie photo. Ok, been several days now.... I'd like to see the photos of the Knit-in-Pulic day :) I know, I know... be patient.

  4. I'm about to go have some strawberries and blueberries for breakfast. Of course, I share with the pack.

  5. OMG those are awesome strawberrries, I so wished I wasn't allergic to them. Hope you enjoyed them. Loved all the pics!