Thursday, September 3, 2009

So most people will say...

...that I have gone completely around the bend, but not so I assure you. I just happen to believe that milestones should be celebrated and we have two coming up shortly.

But shhhhhhhh! It is a surprise!
I am thinking of throwing a joint birthday party for Honey Dew
who will be 6 on September 26th

and Sampson

who will be 2 on October 10th. (I can see all three of my boys rolling their eyes right about now!)

I was thinking of October 3rd cause it is right in the middle.

I was thinking of inviting some of their closest doggy friends like Sam and Cole,
Rex and Wolf,

Max, and then maybe the two bassets that reside in our neighborhood, one that lives up the road and one that lives down the road. Of course if any of you'all are in the neighborhood feel free to drop in!

I was thinking that we would have lots of goodie treats, some pawcaso paw paintings maybe, some outdoor games, some good old barking and butt sniffing.

Suggestions for the festivities are welcome, as well as recipe's for doggy goodies.

Oh yes and no presents required (presence yes, presents no!).

In other DOT's news, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce another doggy member of the family, my mom's "new found" dog Bailey...

Isn't he cute? You can read more of their amazing story here. We wish you much joy, frequent frolics and lots of laughter together!
And then of course I wanted to share about our walk one Saturday during the two weeks of "actual summer" that we had here!

In the morning when we arrived at the lake to walk it was very scenic, calm, cool and peaceful. The lake was clear as glass and in the above picture you can see the reflection of the pine tree in the water.

Here Sampson was doing his best to catch a wood ant that caught his attention. I think by the time this picture was taken, Sampson was actually on top of the ant, the goof!

Honey Dew was exploring a nearby stream and decided to do a little wading. But as we were enjoying all of this, the day was really heating up with temps in the 90's. The hounds decided to go down to the lake for a refreshing drink...Sampson thought he might do a little wading too but uh oh it was deep!

By the end of the walk you could tell this was about as much as we were going to get of the "dog days of summer!

Happy DOT's All!


  1. A Puppy Party, what a wonderful idea!!! Ebby sends her best birthday wishes to both of you guys!! Have a great time!!

  2. Oh, that kind of answers my question about the "trip". Oh well, the kids are more important.

  3. Hi Tina
    I have two sons who would be horrified if they thought I was arranging a doggie birthday party!!!
    You know of course that I think it is a great idea!
    Do you think we are both going mad?
    Loved your pics today although you definetely wore Sampson and HoneyDew out with that walk!!!
    Did you have to carry them home??
    Happy DOT to you xxxx

  4. ps sorry we did mean to say welcome Bailey!!!! You look adorable and of course we love your name xxxx

  5. I love the idea of a joint birthday party. It's going to be fun, I can just feel it. And they definitely deserve it - it's hard work being that cute all the time.


  6. Love the party idea...they'll have a doggone good time! Happy DOT!

  7. We are thinking that the paw-ty is a good idea. Now, where do you live that you didn't get summer cuz we didn't get any either...sigh.

  8. I love the paw-ty idea! We might do one at the end of October, for Sissy's 2nd bday and Gretchen's one year with us. (One day apart, so why not?!)

  9. OH a joint puppy party is a great idea!!! You need to have frosty paws (you can make them yourself, either google it or let me know I have the receipe saved )

    Welcome to Bailey.

    Love the pics of your walk!

  10. The party sound like fun. We're party animals and there's a big birthday coming at the end of October so our Mom better start planning.