Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chapel of Divine Inspiration...

As we are between ministers right now, I thought I would attend a different style of service in observance of the sabbath.

I decided to visit the Chapel of Divine Inspiration. The Chapel of Divine Inspiration is in a remote location and does take some effort to get there from here.

I arrived early to get a good seat!

The architecture and structure of the chapel was completed by the Master Carpenter Himself...

with the attention to detail, intricate, and inspired.

I could tell right away this was a chapel of interdenominational faiths and had an open door policy, as I was greeted right off and made to feel at home by this gentleman...

Other attenders that put in an appearance, but were to bashful to have a photo, were a deer, a mom with the cutest little ground hog babies, numerous chipmunks and red squirrels, a rabbit and one river turtle.
The choir was in top form with solos performed by Cardinals, Cedar Wax Wings, Sparrows, Chickadees, Robins, Finches and a few others. Even though they had their own song the music was quite harmonious.

The teaching also was full of wisdom, truth, and touched the hearts of all who had an ear to hear...

Refreshments were made available all around for those who were interested, in the form of wild red raspberries, wild strawberries, ( I brought my own golden delicious apple and boiled egg) and for drink the coldest water.

After the service drew to a close, the ride home was just as peaceful and thought provoking. I think I will visit this chapel again some time soon.

However you chose to spend your Sunday, I hope it was as enjoyable and memorable for you!


  1. What an inspiration! AMEN!

  2. I love that chapel! It is one of my favorite places...

  3. My father used to tell people he worshipped at the Church of the Green Pasture. Thanks for the big smile this morning!

  4. We loved your post Tina - very inspirational.

  5. Anywhere, anytime, the Father hears and answers; gently teaches and inspires; feeds us and gives us rest. Thanks for posting this expression of His love to us.

  6. Beautiful post Tina. Thank you for taking me along.