Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Stroll

Yesterday was such a nice day that the pups and I decided on a Saturday stroll. We cut up through the edge of the cemetary, and as soon as we were into the woods, the pups went off lead.

They ran, frolicked, jumped over logs, stuck their heads down ground hog holes (at least they didn't come back with an offensive odor so it wasn't skunk holes!) Then they ran up the old dirt road, up the hill, into the old Porter barn field, around Stone's road, and then back on the lead to do the final loop home.

We stopped along the way to visit a neighbor. The pups got to sniff ducks, cats, and horses. Sampson got snapped at by Duchess the neighbors old dog, just to put him in his place of course! But it was a nice visit.

On the way coming back, Miss Elise came out to snap some pictures of the pups walking with the new lead system that many of you wanted to see and how it worked with the hounds. I haven't had any problems with tangling however when excited it is a bit much to hold them back!

Passing the church...

The church steeple in the setting sun...

something interesting passed this way...

old friends cutting through our yard for a visit then a walk...

Then in the house for a nice long drink of water.

Today this one left to travel back to college...

he got excellent news yesterday. He will not be living at home this summer. He interviewed with the forestry department of the game and wildlife department this spring break. He was notified last evening that he was chosen for a paid internship position with the department for the summer. And while I am proud of him and excited for him, it means that we won't see as much of him over the summer. But it sure will be good for his resume when he is out of college and job hunting! As I told him early this year, when he was concerned for the economy and wondering what he would do for summer employment, God would provide and lead him to where He wanted him to be this summer.

P.S. Pictures courtesy of Elise Frey (thank you Elise!)


  1. That looked like a great walk there, Tina! Looks like hounds had fun. Did they get worn out? I have to keep extending our walks because the girls' stamina is building and they need more and more time out on the road to wear them down.

  2. Wow, cool pics of the pups leading the way! And congratulations to your son on his internship, sounds perfect!
    Slobbers xx

  3. Hi Tina
    Great pics of HoneyDew and Samson taking you for a walk!
    I would imagine they could be pretty strong on one lead but like the idea. Hanging on to two leads is a pain in the neck.
    The forestry department internship sounds like a great opportunity for your son - I hope he enjoys it even if you will miss him!

  4. Beautiful pics, and great news about Ben! Good night, he looks like his dad!!! :-)

  5. Oh...... my.......goodness! Ben is so grown-up! I am so happy for him and proud of the man he is becoming, proud of all my grandsons and their parents; for the grandsons would not be what they are without the loving guidance of their parents. Proud of you all!!

  6. Kudos to the forester!

    I'm insanely jealous over the way your two walk on their lead. I never could train my boys to walk together, and I've since lost the "splitter" so the girls won't be giving it a go...

  7. It looks like you had a great walk! Lucy says hi to Sampson and Honey Dew.

  8. What a great post Tina. I know you are so proud of Ben. Plus-to be interning this summer doing what he enjoys. I always enjoy your hound photos. Your lead looks like it may be easier on you as well. My hound swept the ground (for scent) as she walked—I had to let her stay ahead of me to keep from knocking me down. So much for obedience/heel. I let her be a hound/queen. Enjoy your week! Kerrie