Tuesday, March 3, 2009

33 Days is too long to wait, don't you think?---------->

Especially when perusing the classifieds one reads:

"Rhode Island Red Hens
9 months old
$price can't be beat

...er well that is how I read it anyways! So of course I jumped on it and called right away. You have to understand that around these parts you just don't see almost whole grown (interpret as egg laying age) hens for sale in the paper. Especially after feeding the things all winter. No sirree!

So I called my very understanding boss, to ask if I might be able to take my lunch break just a wee bit early to go acquire the lovely hens. Did I mention that I have a very understanding boss? And of course I pointed out that this way we might all have farm fresh eggs (yes, I will resort to bribery when necessary!) But of course my very understanding boss said sure that is fine no problem. (Translate to "I get the first dozen." just kidding!)

And here they are already making themselves to home...

and a close up of the lovely ladies....

And they were so please with their new "digs" that they gave me this by the time I got home at the end of my work day...

I of course am thrilled and I hope for many more!


  1. Wow! Didn't take them long to get settled. They look great. Does this mean you are no longer getting the others? Or will you be getting them as well?

    How long before they're laying siege to your kitchen like our Mavis?

  2. What a nice gift for you! (The egg.) They must have taken a shine to you!!

  3. That, I'd say, is an egg-stra special gift!! They are pretty, too!

  4. I just took another look at those "lovely ladies". Did you name them yet? I thought one looked like Gertrude...., and thought I saw a Sylvia there, oh... and Paula, Lucy, and Clara? Gee, Matilda is going to like having cousins.. they are just so far away...

  5. How lovely - the egg looks great. Tell me what do Sampson and Honeydew make of them?
    Oh have just made some scrambled eggs for Martha!

  6. My wife has been dying to get chickens since we moved in October. This is going to push her over the edge :)

  7. Good looking hens there, Tina. Do Honey Dew and Sampson get farm fresh scrambled eggs? My girls love them and it's a rare treat I will give them on a lazy Saturday.

  8. What great looking hens, Tina! And such a pretty egg—on the very same day! What a great boss you have—I am hoping to sell a good amount of my eggs here @ work. Then when you get your chicks, you will have a different type of egg and younger layers. Bravo!

  9. Now you can make more muffins. They look right at home.

  10. Lucky hens to have found you! I miss having chickens...