Friday, September 12, 2008

So...Did you miss me?

I'm back! I survived the Continental Divide, sight-seeing trips that constantly led up a mountain or (surprise) down a mountain on one-track slippery gravely roads with breath taking(no joke) panoramic views and oh yeah the Colorado people have a thing against guard rails (might spoil the view- how one can see anything with eyes tight shut is beyond me!)

Seriously it was beautiful and awe inspiring this country that God made. And I seriously thanked Him every time we made it to the flat lands whether in a mountain meadow or the plains below. And especially when the cement trucks passed coming the opposite direction and us on the cliff side of the road!

I did fail to get any of my knitting projects completed. There was just too much to see and do! The weather was wonderful, the views were terrific, the company was delightful and other than the trip there and back the vacation was refreshing and relaxing.

Course my husband did not accomplish his mission either. He'll get him two years from now!

I have a lot of pictures that I will be posting but alas it may take a wee bit longer than I thought as while we were gone, lightening struck our house (literally) and hit the lightening rod (which is why it is there) and took out our computer and DVD/VCR player. So I will be once again taking it to my computer guy and seeing if he can resuscitate or whether a decent burial would be in order. Either way it will be a little while.

The puppies loved the trip, enjoyed the extra treats, extra company, extra road stops at which they met new friends, but were glad to be home. As the saying goes there is no place like home!

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