Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Knitting - Mini spa!

My annual treat to myself was my attendance at! For the entire weekend! What a great time, great people, great food, great shopping, and well everything was great! Many thanks to the individuals who plan, organize and host this weekend. 

My primary shopping was completed in about 1 hour from arrival, that has to be a record. exactly what I was going to purchase this year in advance, well with one exception but more about that later. As usual my friend Kathy was a great enabler encouragement to me in my purchases!

I had met with my knitting mentor a few weeks back to visit, catch up and yes, pick her brain! This time about blocking. My earlier projects had not needed much in the way of blocking except for the one scarf and  beret. But I was able to do them with the steam blocking method.

However since I have been working on the Great American Afghan...
blocking is required. So with the advice of my mentor, limited space in my home, and other considerations, I decided to purchase a blocking roll...
blocking wires, pins and some lavender washing solution. This will also help deter moths from bothering the afghan that hopefully (when finished) will become an heirloom.

I met up with some old friends, made some new friends and got to knit with some great people. The hotel was wonderful and this year my friend and I took advantage of the pool and the hot tub!

I am so looking forward to going back next year, and oh by the way guess who is going to be there?

So awesome right?!? You should really put the date of March 14-16th on your calendar and plan to attend!


  1. Wow, I found you once again and I see you've made the afghan I've been thinking of doing. It looks wonderful. Was it fun? How long did it take?

    Meeting Debbie Macomber sounds like fun too. I've read many of her books and enjoyed all of them.

  2. maybe.... just maybe... I will!