Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring Break!

No not really, but while we were down in NC for our middle son's graduation, we decided to have a mini-vacation. And can I say it was absolutely fabulous!

Kure Beach Fishing Pier
Yep, I was this close! I think he was flirting with me!

Look at that ocean, sky, and those good looking men!

I could sit out here all day.

North Caroline Aquarium at Fort Fisher
I love Turtles!

Love the reflections in the water on this shot.

Me and the hubby!

I love hug pictures for the times that we are far apart!

Fort Fisher
Someone wind surfing.

A fiddler crab. I don't think I would ever get tired of the ocean.

Middle son surfing!

Took a ferry ride...
sat in a small park with my son and looked up at the trees.

 At the edge of bird island...

would love a painting of any of these...or maybe a print...

far away shot of bird island...

hence the name. 

Fort Fisher...

I think these trees have been here forever.

It had to be 20 degrees cooler in the shade!

Beautiful wild flowers that grow along the edge of the ocean.

I can see what attracts my middle one to stay there. North Carolina is beautiful. If I was rich (and could talk my hubby into it) I would move my entire family here. Of course, I have a reason now to go visit real often!

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