Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An old, brand new gift.

So here is the thing...

When Sampson was a puppy he was a chewer. Not furniture, shoes, or "normal" things you would think a puppy would chew on. No, he preferred electronics. TV remotes. Travel alarm clocks. Cell phones. You get the picture. Oh yes, and jewelry.

Sampson became a member of our family in late November, so he was still in the chewing stage at Christmas. My husband had surprised me this particular Christmas with a family ring containing our birthstones on each end and our sons' birthstones in the middle. Shortly after Christmas my ring came up missing. The last time that I had seen it, I believed it had been on my night stand beside my bed. I was quite upset when I couldn't find it but of course I didn't say anything to my husband about it missing, as I was convinced after looking behind the night stand, behind and under the bed, in the little trash can, that Sampson must have gotten it as he had destroyed a pair of gold hoops that had been there as well. I had even gone so far as looking in the yard for... well you know... remains. No luck.

Fast forward 5 years.

My husband and I are rearranging our bed room and painting. I finally confess to him about the missing ring and ask him that when he moves the heavy dressers out from the walls that just possibly there is the remotest  teeny weensy chance that maybe the ring might be behind my dresser, I didn't think it was, but you know I am forever an optimist. It wasn't.

However when my husband moved his dresser out from the wall, there it was! Quite dusty but it cleaned up nice!

It was like getting the gift all over again! Moral of the story; 'fess up in the first place and I could have been enjoying wearing it for the last five years! So glad I didn't find it in the yard :)


  1. LOLOLOL!!!! Thats what you get for keeping secrets. Didn't your mama teach you better?
    Seriously, so glad you found it. What an awesome re-gift!!

  2. Glad you found it! Poor Sampson,getting the blame! ;-)

  3. I'm so glad you found the ring and I do hope you now use a jewelry box somewhere that Sampson can't reach! g