Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mixed Blessings

As yesterday I was a little under the weather with a stomach virus, I didn't get a chance to post. So I have a couple of blessings to share...

I was blessed with a lazy day and great company on New Years day...

(this one was a sneak camera attack cause the eldest kept laughing or making obscene hand gestures)

The blessing of a furry friend and a spot of sunshine... 

and the ever-changing scenery in NW Pennsylvania with a foot of snow. See the sparkle of the snow and imagine every little snowflake is unique!


  1. Ahh .... lovely folks all, and a beautiful photo of Skittles! Sure does look peaceful. So happy they were all there :)

  2. I almost didn't recognize your oldest! Did he get his hair cut??

    Love the picture of Skittles! Adorable!