Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Once again I am in the great state of Kentucky this year.

What a big difference from PA. For one thing, no snow! The weather is beautiful. Today is was very breezy and warm, I was outside in a short sleeve shirt. In December! Who would have thought.

While I am using my vacation time to be here, technically I am not on vacation. My mom who a lot of you know from Sunny's Studio, Changing Lanes and Just Plain Country, had to have a total knee replacement surgery yesterday. Yes, she is doing quite well, thanks for asking!

I have been keeping company with Mizz Izzy, who although enjoying the attention from me, the extra treats, playing with her toys on the floor with me, and the walks to try to distract her, still is looking for her special someone. Even now every little noise she hears as she lays up on the back of the couch, she looks up and out the door, trying to see if that is Mom coming home. Too bad hospitals do not allow visitors from patients pets...I really think that would cheer up the one who is recovering as well as allow the dog to understand that their person is still around and where they are. Hmmm, maybe something to try to get programmed into the hospital system...

In the meantime, my hound babies have been hanging with dear hubby. We have a standing skype session at 9 PM EST, in which the pups join in. So even though they can't figure how to get me out of that funny little box (and boy have I shrunk!) at least they hear my voice and can see me, and I them.

My hubby has taken over all my routines with the pups while I am gone, but I think he is enjoying himself. He says that Skittles, HoneyDew and Sampson all take turns laying across his lap and in some cases over both arm rests!

I am hoping my next visit down here (if I can't persuade Mom to move north, ssshhhhh!) will be a true vacation with all of us being together doing vacationey things.

How do you handle absences from your pet and how do they handle life without you?

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  1. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. According to the Knight, the fur-girls don't miss me when I travel. I think that's because they have a junk food fest while I'm away. He drives to iHop and gets take-out, and I'm sure they eat other stuff I'd never allow.

    Me? I text and call constantly. I miss them more than they miss me, it would seem!