Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gardening - Picture heavy post ahead!

Summer is a busy time. There simply isn't enough time in the day, or week for that matter to get everything done that I would like to. Especially working my new/old job again at which summer is their peak time too.

 So I take snatches of time where I can and try to stop and smell the zinnia's along the way. Speaking of zinnia's (we where weren't we?) I had a splurge moment and I couldn't resist these pink zinnia's. I am planning on taking seeds from them this fall to replant in the spring.

I love the changing colors from bright pink to a muted mauve that has an antiqued look to them.

Ok, so this has taken up a bit of my time with the weeding and all, plus it will get busier soon with canning up the veggies.

First time for pole beans for us, we usually plant the bush variety...if the beans are as prolific as the vines and leaves, I would say this is one I will do again.

Look at all the blossoms! Should make a lot of beans.

Next up is zuchini and yellow squash.

Just love those little golden beauties!

One stand of corn.

Some cabbages, and actually there is another row with some in. you can just make out the squash plants to the left and the pepper plants to the right.

Peppers are coming on. They usually like the cooler weather, so they are earlier this year dispite 90 degree weather.

This practically looks like a field of tomatoes, but originally they were planted in rows...they just kind of took over...nice problem to have so no complaints here.

Can you see the tomatoes in there?

Tomatoes to the right, onions in the middle and cucumbers to the left.

Egg plant near the top right ( a row of them), seems to be the bugs' favoite.

Stand of corn number 2.

A patch of winter squash, hubbard, acorn, butternut, yummm! I can hardly wait to taste it but I can definitely wait on the cold weather and snow.

Ok, so the story here is once upon a time there was a blueberry bush and my father-n-law would send over windfall rotting apples from his hybrid tree that would give acidity to the soil and in turn promote healthy growth in the blueberry bush. First I was assured that the seeds from the apple would not grow. Then I was told to cut it down because it would never produce good apples. I believe this was from Cortland apples.

It's first year of bearing fruit there was only one or two. Last year there were a few more. This year we will enjoy a bumper crop because every branch is covered like the one below!

The hens and roosters from one cackle way like the garden too as they get the peelings, husks and some veggies that have been left on the vine too long.

Are you gardening this year?

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  1. LOl, quite a post! Awesome in fact! And no, I'm not gardening this year.... lol. Glad to see you are and that you will have scrumptous veggies from all your efforts!!