Monday, January 17, 2011

A smile for the day...

I love these pictures! I have been there and done that! Of course with 3 less children and the 30+ chickens were in the basement! I loved those days!

And this one, believe it or not is someday what I hope for, when my hubby and I are old and grey, just sitting around enjoying each other's company as well as at least one basset by our feet. And one of my goals is to learn to quilt by hand. (Maybe my mom will come for another visit this spring??) 
Anyways I really enjoyed the pictures when my dad sent them in an email this morning. They made me smile  and so I wanted to share them with you!


  1. Maybe she will..... in time for Ben's and Elise's wedding :)

  2. Great pics. Nice words too. :-)

  3. I need to learn the secret of their smiles!

    ~hello, just visiting and following the links to new blog lands today, hope you don't mind!