Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And just like that, winter.

We really have had a very mild fall. The temps have, for the most part, stayed in the upper 50's-low 60's range. We knew it had to come at some point but I was suprised nonetheless to find snow on the ground when I woke up this morning. The snow is more pleasant then the rain we have had for the last two days. I know that HoneyDew thinks so. Poor little girl can only cross her short little basset legs before she has to give up and go out to relieve herself. Of course, I am the one standing out there with her holding the umbrella!

Speaking of HoneyDew, and well Sampson too, they have had to make some real adjustments. As you know my basset babies have been with me pretty much 24/7 since they were 10 and 8 weeks old respectively. I have very recently rejoined the workforce fulltime but unfortunately the pups cannot go with me as they were used to doing with my last two positions.

This has meant, ready or not at 5:30 AM, we are out the door for an early morning walk (unless it's raining because HoneyDew does not do rain!). It's dark when we walk but at least the roadway is not very busy at that hour. And so far, it's been ok. With the new weather conditions, snow, ice, etc. we will see how it goes and I may have to adjust the schedule again.

I think while I am gone during the day, HoneyDew mostly sleeps. Sampson on the other hand is quite different. I think Sampson believes that we got Skittles the kitten for his amusement. He watches her every move and they have become fast friends as well as partners in crime! Their favorite hit is the garbage can in the bathroom and the one beside my bed that has balled up tissues in it...or did have.

Also I believe Skittles knocks anything that will roll off the coffee table, end tables, desk etc. onto the floor for Sampson too chew up. So far it hasn't been anything important or anything that could hurt him, he just chews it up and spits it out. They haven't bothered my knitting bin yet, needless to say a treat puzzle ball will be one of my purchases very soon!

I miss them during the day too truth be known, but I do try to make it up to them with snuggles in the evening and hikes on the weekend. I know that we will all adjust, but any tips you would like to send my way would be appreciated.

I do love the views out the windows, the unique shapes of the snowflakes, ice cicles, the crunch of the snow underfoot and the fresh smell of the air. If we could have all that without the plunging temperatures that would be great!

I am thinking we may have to do evening walks, after the plows have gone through, the only problem with that is the salt that will be on the road. I may have to put out a dishpan of water to rinse their paws when they come in...

Anyways, hope you and yours are staying warm and enjoying the winter weather where ever you are.

Oh and happy DOT's!


  1. MaggieMae hit the first snow a-running today! She really likes running the yard in it. Right now there's not much there so I still have to clean her feed from the mud she brings in. Soon enough it will be all snow and she will clean her own feet!

  2. We will probably have mostly mud :/

  3. When she was younger, Sydney used to be quite the 'explorer' when we were away at work. She's made me promise not to talk about the TP Incident. :) Now, she enjoys an early morning walk too and then settles down for a good nap.

  4. We dodged the snow yesterday, but the price we paid was 3" of rain. I was worried when the temperature plunged 30 degrees in 5 hours, but we lucked out! But I'm glad your guys got to play.

  5. Sampson has found the ideal playmate, one who can go where he can't and can reach things that look like fun. That's my only complaint about cats. They seem to be able to go anywhere and nothing is truly safe from them.