Friday, September 17, 2010

A peaceful Sunday ride...

Hubby and I decided to take one Sunday, pack a picnic lunch and bike from Oil Creek to Drake Well. Would you like to come along?

Petroeum Railway Center
One of two bridges we cross over, very scenic views as you can see below.
And if you look even closer...

a lovely heron. I love how everything reflects in the water on days like this.
A very quiet peaceful ride and quite beautiful with the leaves and the moss growing on the trail.

The trees take no notice of the calendar, it looks as though autumn has arrived.

Along the bike trail you see sign posts of villages that used to be and even the remnants of previous inhabitants. If only the trees could speak, to tell of the past they have witnessed.

Part of an old foundation.

We sat and had our picnic here at Drake Well near the station. We just missed the train but could hear the whistle blowing.

I love this old brick house that now is the manager's home. I especially love the flower bed surrounding it.

On the return trip we spotted these two lovelies eating apples from trees that I am sure Johnny Appleseed planted.

They seem to be just as curious about us, as we were about them.

We finally did catch a glimpse of the Drake Well "Express" as it meandered through the forest. If you click on the picture you can see how clear the water is and the stones beneath the surface.

Lovely old railroad bridge...we are almost back to the beginning of the trail.

I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did, sans the sore seat!


  1. Beautiful shots! I would love to bring Kevin down there for this trail. Maybe one of these days. I would love to take him on the OC & T Railroad ride too. Anyway, looks like it was a beautiful bike ride!

  2. Looked beautiful - must get my bike out!
    This is just the best time of year for cyling too!
    Believe it or not when we had Harry, basset predecessor of M & B, we had a pull along trailor for him!
    Come to think of it we probably still have it!