Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you serious????

The view out our windows this morning...

Sampson says: "No, you go on, I'm staying hewe."

"Serwwiously, I am not getting up, you leaves lots of warmes hewe, I don't want to waste em!"

I am soooooo not ready for this!


  1. I'm with Sampson. No need to get out of bed when it's snowing out! Stay inside and stay warm and cozy!

  2. Awe, it's so pretty out there! ;-)

  3. We are with Sampson - the problem with being a basset is your tummy is so close to the ground. Can you imagine how cold that white stuff is?
    What are you doing with snow anyways!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  4. Oh my, better than cold rain we have here ..... Pics are really pretty. I miss it .... in a way... LOL

  5. Feeling chilly now!

    It's getting colder here but hopefully we won't be seeing too much of this over the next few months. We're still enjoying the changing leaves.

    Keep snuggled up Sampson!

  6. Now that is one smart dog. When the weather gets bad, just snuggle down under the covers.

  7. Are the pups getting dressed up for Halloween? be sure to send me their picture so we can post it on Dogs-N-More this weekend.